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Audio Only

Classic podcasts for your listening pleasure.


Interview 34: CCIE SPv4 publication Len and I discuss my CCIE SP book (see the "Publications" page) and how it differs from other study guides in the market.

Network Collective

Episode 47: Introduction to Segment Routing Discussion surrounding Segment Routing for MPLS (SR-MPLS) and its basic operations.


Episode 5: MPLS Carrier Supporting Carrier (CSC) Discussion around MPLS CSC designs (including all the technical components) using a production use-case.

Episode 30: Designing for DevOps Discussion around business-oriented automation, including several production examples and my personal success story.

Episode 33: CI/CD ... See Why? Real-world Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment using a variety of techniques and tools.

Episode 35: Fun with WLAN QoS Explore the inconsistencies of WLAN QoS and provide a validation mindset for production WLAN operations.

Audio and Video

Video-based podcasts, generally on highly technical topics.

Network Collective

Episode 5: EIGRP Routing Technical EIGRP discussion.

Episode 9: OSPF Routing Technical OSPF discussion.

Episode 14: IS-IS Routing Technical IS-IS discussion.

Episode 17: BGP Peering and Reachability Discussion focused on BGP peering establishment and next-hop considerations.

Episode 19: BGP Policy Application Discussion focused on applying BGP policy to perform traffic engineering.

Episode 22: Securing BGP Discussion focused on BGP security techniques, from simple to advanced.

Episode 25: MPLS Basics Basic MPLS discussion, such as design use-cases and label operations.

Episode 29: MPLS VPNs Discussion focused on MPLS VPNs, including relevant HA and BGP design options.

Episode 34: MPLS Traffic Engineering Discussion focused on MPLS TE tunneling and some of its features.

Episode 40: MPLS TE Fast-Reroute Discussion focused on MPLS TE fast reroute techniques and design use cases.

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