Job Aids

This page contains miscellaneous products to help individuals in their daily work and technical studies.

Packet Captures

Packet captures help reveal the ground truth. Use these PCAPs as references when troubleshooting complex issues.

Layer-2 and Below

Tunneling and VPNs

IP Routing Protocols

Network Management and Operations

Common Applications

Cheat Sheets

Good for quick reference and saving time on the job.

Certification/Study Resources

If you are studying for a certification (or just in general), these may help!

Cisco DevNet Study Material

Foundational network automation and software development skills.

Comprehensive study plans to help you earn DevNet certifications.

Postman Collections

Requests, responses, and environments for various products and technologies. Clone the repository or view online workspace.


Data Center



OAM and APM Products

Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) Scenarios

Free scenarios to help you study for the CCDE practical exam.

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