Job Aids

This page contains miscellaneous products to help individuals in their daily work. These resources could also be used for certification studies.

Packet Captures

Packet captures usually help reveal the ground truth. Use these as references when troubleshooting complex issues.

WLAN Packet Captures Extensive collection of Cisco WLAN .pcap files from many weeks of testing. Good for comparison to your production captures.

Cheat Sheets

Good for quick reference and saving time on the job.

DSCP and 802.1e UP mappings Results of QoS testing on a variety of mobile devices over a Cisco WLAN network. The results might surprise you!

QoS Summary based on RFC 4594 Quickly reference per-hop behaviors (PHBs) for different traffic types based on the standard DiffServ model.

IPsec Design Considerations Results of IPsec testing and use-case comparison. Feel free to suggest new use-cases to expand the table.

vSphere6 vMotion Migrations Complex vMotions of a VM in various states, such as power off/on, RDM yes/no, snapshot yes/no, etc. Conclusions included.

Little's Law Calculator Meaningfully compare takt time, cycle time (throughput), lead time, and WIP. Laundry Example

Investment Calculator Evaluate the economic suitability of an investment (NPV, ROI, IRR, and payback period).

CCDE Scenarios

Free scenarios to help you study for the CCDE practical exam.

LMNOP Scenario A full length, SP-focused scenario sure to frustrate you.

LMNOP Answer Key The answer key to the LMNOP scenario above. Hit me on twitter with questions.

DermaCorp Background-only scenario designed to hone your "analyze" skills.

MELA Construction Short CCDE scenario, written by Malcolm Booden.

Nacho Daddy Financial Another background-only scenario, written by Fareed Fakoor.

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