Live Courses

Get direct access to me during live video sessions on a variety of topics.

O'Reilly Live Training (formerly Safari)

Available to those with an O'Reilly Learning Platform subscription!

Learning Python 3 By Example: Less talk, more code, and plenty of examples.

Ansible For Managing Network Devices: Walk through production playbooks and see real results.

Network DevOps Start to finish creation of a simple infrastructure-as-code project.

On-Demand Courses

Video training to fit your schedule and pace.


Available to those with a Pluralsight subscription!

Cisco DevNet Associate Learning Path: Comprehensive training on Cisco developer technologies. Watch them in sequence!

  1. Getting Started with Software Development using Cisco DevNet
  2. Consuming Cisco APIs and Understanding Application DevOps
  3. Managing Cisco Networks via Infrastructure as Code

Cisco DevNet Professional Core Learning Path: Follow-on instruction for advanced DevNet learners. Watch these only after completing the previous learning path.

  1. Assessing and Enhancing Applications using Cisco DevNet Techniques (Expected December 2019)
  2. Managing Cisco Products using Advanced API-based Methods (Expected January 2020)
  3. Deploying Network Configuration Management and Telemetry Solutions (Expected February 2020)

Automating Networks with Ansible the Right Way Learn how to professionally manage networks with infrastructure as code using Ansible.

Automating Networks with Python Same scenario as the Ansible course except with Python's Paramiko, Netmiko, NAPALM, and Nornir.

Protocol Deep Dive: ICMP Master using ICMP with task-oriented examples for both IPv4 and IPv6. Includes IPv6 neighbor discovery!

Protocol Deep Dive: IGMP and MLD Explore host-to-router multicast signaling with all versions of IGMP (IPv4) and MLD (IPv6).

Protocol Deep Dive: FTP and Its Variants Delve into FTP operating modes, plus FTPS, SFTP, TFTP, along with IPv6 support.

Micronics Training

Available to those with a Micronics subscription!

MPLS Fundamentals for CCIE RS/EI Candidates Master the exam blueprint topics using practical techniques. (Awaiting publication)

Network Collective

Available to those with a Network Collective subscription! All Content

Complexity Series Go beyond the theory with real life examples and professional assessment tips.

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