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Free videos for all to enjoy. Unclickable underlined text means "coming soon".

Cisco Live

One of the largest technical conferences. I'm a two-time distinguished speaker at this event.

CLUS 2019: Troubleshooting OSPF Advanced OSPF LSDB troubleshooting, tracing, and automation. Get the configs/topology here.

CLUS 2018: Troubleshooting OSPF Advanced OSPF LSDB troubleshooting and tracing. Includes NSSA deep-dive.


Vendor-agnostic, independent, and broadly scoped IT conference.

Interop 2019: Automation For Bureaucracies Overcome organizational intertia by adapting your views around network automation.


Miscellaneous and meaningful non-clickbait videos. Subscribe to my channel here.

OSPFv3 Graph Tracing and Troubleshooting Follow-on learning from my Cisco Live "Troubleshooting OSPF" session that focuses on IPv6.

Automated Publishing via "Book as Code" Combine source control and CI/CD workflows with LaTeX for a powerful publishing solution.

Using AWS Cloud to build "Website as Code" Use a variety of AWS services to leverage CI/CD in creating a highly functional website.

A Free Resource for Cisco Certified DevNet Associate I briefly skim my "Evolving Technologies" book to identify areas of relevance.

Introducing Ansible Collections Explores the new "collections" modularization strategy within the Ansible framework.

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