Continous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Provides a behind-the-scenes look at how this website is maintained. This is a real-life example of SaaS-based CI/CD for newcomers.

Build process

Defines sequence of build events within the pipeline.

Build Specification Instruction file consisting of four stages to test/deploy the website.

Pipeline steps

Script sequence used during the automated build process.

Install tidy Bash script to install a lightweight and common HTML linter.

Install Python packages Installed with pip. Includes pylint and bandit for linting.

Lint source code Bash script to check HTML and Python code for syntax/security issues.

Compute SHA-256 Bash script to hash all user-downloadable files for integrity. Download current hashes.

Create Atom XML file using the supporting template Python script and jinaj2 template to assist with feed subscriptions.

Validate href/img links Python script to follow all hyperlinks, files, and images to ensure they work.