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I have my own simple blog and I also guest-blog for others.

My Blog

Short and simple 2-3 minute blog posts. Updated weekly-ish. Subscribe via Atom.
  1. 26 Jan 2019 - Cleaning with Lean
  2. 27 Jan 2019 - Time Value of Money
  3. 2 Feb 2019 - Busy is the New Lazy
  4. 9 Feb 2019 - Mind Your Own Business
  5. 16 Feb 2019 - Good, Cheap, Fast; Pick Any Three
  6. 23 Feb 2019 - Net Income vs. Cash Flow
  7. 2 Mar 2019 - My Secret To Success
  8. 9 Mar 2019 - How To Read More
  9. 16 Mar 2019 - Kanban vs. Scrum
  10. 23 Mar 2019 - The Soul of a Slave

Guest Blogs

Information Technology

General discussions around engineering and modern IT.

The network4dev Project I contribute to this altruistic open-source project to educate non-networkers about networking.

Gestalt "IT Origins" Interview Personal interview on how I started in IT and how it evolved over time.

Network Career Interview (temporarily unavailable): Another personal interview where I opine about automation, certifications, SDN, and more.


Advice around achieving industry certifications.

CCIE SPv4 Review I documented my CCIE SPv4 journey when the exam was first introduced.

CCDE Practical Strategy, Part 1 I compare CCDE to CCIE RS and CCIE SP and talk about methods to succeed.

CCDE Practical Strategy, Part 2 I discuss the exam environment itself and the tools available to candidates.

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